HERMAPRO garden fireplaces
Mobile stainless steel fireplace for your garden, winter garden and terrace

The HERMAPRO stainless steel garden fireplaces combine luxury exclusive design and high grade craftsmanship. Our terrace fireplaces are handcrafted Bavarian-Austrian quality products that will delight you.

Thanks to various accessories (cooking grid, steak pan, mulled wine pot, rotating spit, chestnut pan, etc.) our stainless steel fireplaces for the garden or terrace can be quickly turned into a small outdoor kitchen. Enjoy the original form of cooking or the hiss of a campfire that is a special feature of our barbecue.With the stainless steel mobile HERMAPRO garden fireplace you can bring enjoyment and quality of life in your home at all times!

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Mobile Fireplaces | An enrichment also for hotels and gastronomy

Our high-grade manufactured HERMAPRO stainless steel garden fireplaces always attract attention – on your own terrace, in ski huts, on punch stands or in upmarket restaurants.
Enjoy a romantic evening, celebrate a happy grill party and offer your guests a quiet source of warmth when the outside temperatures become cooler. Good humour is assured as soon as you feel the warmth of the fire and you smell the pleasant odour of the grill. With a stainless steel garden fireplace you can easily lengthen the season by many months and yet remain flexible in the use and position of the source of heat and the grill. Every HERMAPRO garden fireplace can be easily moved by means of 4 rubber swivel rollers, even when in use. Offer your guests a special extra with pleasant hours in front of an open fire with hot mulled wine in the Christmas period or roasted chestnuts – all this is absolutely no problem with the HERMAPRO stainless steel garden fireplace. The mobile fireplace is an extra winner for every restaurant.

Certified garden fireplace - mobile & made of stainless steel

Tested by the Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik IBP
Certificate Z-006/2016

The HERMAPRO stainless steel garden fireplace models Vario 70 and Vario 80 were certified by the Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik IBP as the only garden fireplace for solid fuels in the section of grills for solid fuels.

Within the scope of the type testing; examinations were carried out on the CO, dust, NOx and CnHm content in the exhaust gas as well as the fire efficiency. The HERMAPRO stainless steel garden fireplace satisfies the highest demands of the grill barbecue as well as a terrace fireplace and can be wonderfully integrated in the internal and the external areas.

Garden fireplace models: VARIO 80 | VARIO 70

BARBECUES for the highest demands

HERMAPRO garden and grilling fireplaces are made of solid, high-grade stainless steel from German production. They are an ideal combination for grilling, cooking, heating and enjoyment on the terrace or in the garden. The first-class HERMAPRO stainless steel garden grill fireplaces are hand-produced from Bavarian-Austrian top quality products and can be used flexibly in many ways and in any situation thanks to the various accessories.

SIZE AND COLOR completely according to your taste!

The mobile HERMAPRO stainless steel garden fireplaces are available in two sizes: Vario 70 (Ø 70cm) and Vario 80 (Ø 80cm). The Vario 70 garden and grill fireplace is sufficient for a terrace size of approximately 15 m². We recommend the Vario 80 garden fireplace for larger terrace sizes due to its larger burning chamber and the higher heating capacity. Our garden and grill fireplaces are available in the standard colours of anthracite and silver gray. Would you like your stainless steel garden fireplace in another colour? Contact us, because at HERMAPRO you can choose between other colours.PRO können Sie zwischen weiteren Farben wählen.

ELEGANT DESIGN and high grade equipment

Our garden fireplace should also be an optical enrichment for your home or your business. For this reason you can not only choose the colour but also the hood shape and the accessories for your new garden fireplace For the hood shape you can choose between a smooth and a stepped shape. Thanks to the stable production possibilities and the elegant design the stepped shape can be recommended for high demands. The unique integrated and 360° rotating flying sparks protection door of the HERMAPRO Vario garden fireplace ensures comfort and safety at all times. With the aid of a non-deforming stainless steel basin in the firing chamber, the terrace fireplace can be fired with wood as well as with grill charcoal. High-grade vermiculite fire bricks reflect the warmth generated in the firing chamber and ensure a pleasant and soothing feeling of warmth on the terrace.

GRILL & CHILL mit with a garden fireplace!

The VARIO garden grill fireplace can be optimally used in many situations. Grill on the open flame and enjoy the unique flavour at any time of the year, elegantly heat your terrace, prepare the punch or the mulled wine or roast your tasty chestnuts – only you set the limits of the use of your HERMAPRO garden fireplace. You remain flexible with the mobile stainless steel garden grill fireplace and in the case of a rain shower you can quickly move the active garden fireplace to a more protected place and continue to grill and chill.

The HERMAPRO garden stainless steel fireplace  – garden grill and outside fireplace perfectly combined!

Advantages of a HERMAPRO garden fireplace

  • 100% hand made in Austria and Bavaria – the best quality in Europe!
  • Made exclusively of high-grade solid German stainless steel (1.4301)
  • Incomparable up to 5mm wall thickness as well as use of a double-walled insulated hood.
  • The stepped hood shape lends the HERMAPRO garden fireplace additional stability compared to the smooth hood and also provides a more exclusive appearance. (Optional also smooth hood shapes available)
  • The integrated and 360° rotatable flying sparks door ensures perfect comfort and security.
  • The weather and heat resisting Senotherm paint coating provides additional protection from tarnishing and spotting of the stainless steel surface.
  • The non-deforming stainless steel basin in the firing chamber as well as fully extensible ashes drawer permit quick and perfect cleaning.
  • The fuel can be wood, briquettes or charcoal.
  • All-year use due to versatile and height adjustable accessories, steak pan, mulled wine pot, wok, electric rotating spit, etc.) possible.
  • Perfect interplay of design and functionality
  • Eight high-grade water-resistant vermiculite bricks (refractories) store the heat generated in the firing chamber and slowly radiate the warmth to the outside again
  • The HERMAPRO garden fireplace is easily movable on 4 rubber swivel rollers (even when in use!)
  • Heat-resistant stainless steel handles on the grill pan, soup pot and wok, permit operation without grill gloves.
  • Professional advice due to many years of experience
  • Increase in quality of life for your home!