Regardless of whether it is a patio stove or a winter garden fireplace:
Custom solutions for patios, garden & winter garden

We pay special attention to your ideas

You have the ideas, we have the know-how to carry out your wishes! With our comprehensive range of standard solutions we can already fulfil many requirements. However, special circumstances sometimes require a tailored solution. HERMAPRO is your professional partner for your own personal garden fireplace. For this we are happy to provide special ideas or unconventional solutions.

HERMAPRO fireplace | Where there is fire, there is also smoke

Often our customers are faced with a problem that really is not a problem at all:  the grill fireplace is to be placed at a particular place, to be in a conservatory or even in the house – but what about the smoke? 
This is not really a challenge for our HERMAPRO professionals. Mostly the chimney of the grill fireplace only needs an extension (0.5 m or 1.0 m extensions) but sometimes an individual solution is also necessary. For instance when the HERMAPRO garden grill fireplace is to become the house fireplace and the chimney is to be taken through the roof. With 30°, 45° or 90° bends and extension pieces or the connection of the HERMAPRO garden fireplace to a fireplace in the house with a smoke flap, we have been able to solve seemingly large problems quite simply.

We are happy to advise you on your  individual build-in possibilities for the HERMAPRO garden fireplace.