The Manufacturing Process

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The HERMAPRO stainless steel garden fireplace is a hand produced Bavarian-Austrian quality product.

All the materials used in the HERMAPRO grill and terrace fireplace fulfil the highest quality demands, so that your garden fireplace will bring many years of pleasure and living enjoyment to your home. This is underscored again thanks to its certification by the Fraunhofer Institut für Bauphysik which the HERMAPRO GmbH has achieved as the only manufacturer of garden fireplaces. With the experience of many years in the production of stainless steel and the love of detail it was possible to develop a garden fireplace that represents an ideal combination of grill fireplace and terrace oven.

In order that a perfect product can be created we employvery well trained technicians and use optimal machines. Here, too, HERMAPRO uses the latest technology (longitudinal seam welding plant, the latest MAG,WIG & MIG welding techniques, rollers, break forming presses, etc.). HERMAPRO garden fireplace – quality that can be seen and felt!

The delivery of the HERMAPRO garden fireplace occurs after telephonic agreement with the customer. The HERMAPRO grill and terrace fireplace is completely erected so that on the customer side only the stainless steel smoke stack need be mounted on the garden fireplace. The HERMAPRO garden fireplace is delivered on an EU palette and is protected on the outside during transport by a stable cardboard packing. The unpacking and erection time is a max. of 10 – 15 minutes and the grilling pleasure can begin immediately.