Our Company

The HERMAPRO GmbH has its premises in St. Georgen in the Attergau in the well-known Salzkammergut. 
In our showroom you can view our products and receive advice from our professionals.  Please make an appointment: +43 (0) 664 9691097.

We have been able to provide people with quality of life and joy in living for many years now with our high-grade movable garden and grill fireplaces, fireplace ovens as well as the bio-ethanol fireplaces. Meanwhile we can refer to innumerable customers who no longer want to do without their completely stainless steel manufactured terrace fireplace or their smoke-free bio-ethanol ovens.

Besides the sales, as a pioneering company we specialise in comprehensive consultation and continuous improvement of our products. Our exclusive fireplaces are distinguished by the highest quality and excellent technology.

PHILOSOPHY of our company

Our company philosophy does not consist in only selling products which are then erected at home and used occasionally. We want to sell you and your family, acquaintances and guests a piece of quality of life and enjoyment

Enjoyment because in our unfortunately often too hectic work and success-conditioned life the “do something good for yourself” and togetherness time is often far too short. Because of its numerous possibilities of use (grilling, heating, mulled wine, etc.), the especially high-grade mobile HERMAPRO garden and grill fireplace provides the possibilities of spending unforgettable days, evenings and nights on your terrace  at any time.

In this sense we wish you much joy and also more quality of life in the purchase of an exclusive HERMAPRO fireplace.

Your added value at a glance

  • 100% hand production in Austria and Germany
    The products of the HERMAPRO GmbH are produced exclusively in Austria and Germany. The best possible production quality for our customers is our challenge.
  • Safety through many years of experience
    Because of the many years of experience and the quality, our customers trust the first class quality of the HERMAPRO products. Exclusive is the testing of the HERMAPRO garden fireplace by the Fraunhofer Institut which once again emphasises safety and quality.
  • Advice is a priority
    However varied the requirements of our customers are, just as varied can also be the solutions for our customers. Competent and comprehensive advice is at the top of the queue for finding the fitting solutions.
  • Safety  of an internationally acting company
    The HERMAPRO GmbH offers the  safety of an internationally active company with branches in Austria and sales partners in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, etc.
  • Best quality at the highest level
    HERMAPRO guarantees quality at the highest level. This is shown by awards and certificates by independent institutes. HERMAPRO is the only manufacturer who can provide a test certificate of garden fireplaces from the Fraunhofer Institut. Comprehensive service and warranty performance are a matter of course for us.
  • Many satisfied customers
    Satisfied customers are a priority for HERMAPRO. They are the best proof of the first class quality of our products and the basis of our success
  • Good price-performance relationship and agreed delivery service
    HERMAPRO stands for excellent quality at the fairest of prices. Delivery is on an agreed-to basis with the customer.
  • Quality you can see and feel.
    Only the highest grade materials are used and exactly processed for the HERMAPRO products. (example: high-grade stainless steel from ThyssenKrupp) The quality is seen and felt with all the senses. Convince yourself during your personal consultation meeting!
  • Perfect interaction of design and functionality
    ”The form follows the function.” – This motto is lived by HERMAPRO in all its products. Not least is this the primary aim for our customers.

More Products

Further you can find bio-ethanol fireplaces, table fireplaces, gas grills, coal grills, garden baking ovens, fireplace ovens and much more at HERMAPRO We have been able to provide people with quality of life and joy in living for many years now with our high-grade movable garden and grill fireplaces, fireplace ovens as well as the bio-ethanol fireplaces.

Our Showroom
in St. Georgen / Attergau